Data Structures Finally!!

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Data Structures Finally!!

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. I am actually busy preparing for my first periodical exams that are going to start tomorrow. The first exam is rather one of the most important course in the whole B.Tech curriculum – “Data Structures” . This course actually challenges you to implement algorithms on our own. And yeah, for those guys who haven’t joined a college yet, think about this; This will be one of the toughest courses you’re gonna see in your career.

While I’m struggling to get source codes for the challenges imposed on us (Algorithms, Hehe), I’d like to make it much easier for everyone to study (AND NOT COPY-PASTE) and understand my source code.

So well, within the next 24 hours I’ll be making many commits to my Data Structures Repo. I’ll also continue to make commits to this repo over the next few months(until the end of Semester) so that everyone can make good use of the programs I put. Because I believe that, “Knowledge Grows Only When Shared” (Got this quote thanks to WikiToLearn via FOSS@Amrita).

See you until the next blog post 😀

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