How To Disable Hardware Buttons in Redmi Note 3

Hey peeps, this is yet another post on the Solving Technical series. As a matter of fact, the Redmi Note 3 is the most popular budget device out there for developers on a really tight budget. So, I bought this phone in Onam 2016, and I am not regretting it right now. I flashed CM13 and used it for a while. When CM14 released, I installed that too, only to know that it had a bug with GApps. So I moved to AICP 12 (Built from CM14), and the experience was flat and smooth, barring the customization problem, which is existent in CM14/14.1.

While I had it installed, I always wondered how do I get the stock Android experience on my CM or the AICP (v12.1, based on CM14.1, which I am using right now). While I could enable the software navigation buttons, there’s always the thing to disable the hardware buttons to enable pure Nexus Like Experience on phones. So I finally found a way.

You will need to get Root Permissions for your File Explorer at first. This is very easy to do, since CyanogenMod has a built in Root access granter. Moreover most of the custom ROMs available on the internet are based upon CyanogenMod, so that setting should be there. To get Root Access Settings on CyanogenMod, you can Google it (as Google is your best friend).

Using the usual method (filled all over the internet), the first step will be to open /system/usr/keylayout directory, and edit a file called Generic.kl inside it. There you will see these lines (not continuous, spread all over the file),

Add a ‘#’ before each line so it would look like this:

But the catch here is that this method WILL NOT WORK WITH Redmi Note 3 . Call it unfortunate, but yeah it doesn’t. But fret not guys, I have a one stop solution to that.

Instead of editing Generic.kl file in /system/usr/keylayout , just edit another file called ft5x06_ts.kl and modify these lines (all continous) :

into :

After a reboot, your hardware keys should be disabled on the Redmi Note 3. You will have to rely on the Software Nav Buttons then. To enable software nav keys, you can again Google it(I need not tell the reason, do I?).

Until next blog post, ciao 😀 .

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