Factory Visit - Episode of a visit to a Wood Cutting Factory

Detour Aug 26, 2018

Hey all, today I will write about my visit to a wood cutting factory situated near my home. This visit was back in December 2017, so I’m sorry for such a long delay because I got busy with academics and other important tasks.


The process starts with cutting the wood logs in the factory. This factory uses the logs of the Neem tree to obtain the final product because they are of the best quality.

These wood logs are first passed into a machine, from where you will get wood sheets as output. Here is a video that illustrates this better. The image below the video will show you the output of that machine.

Processing of a wood log into a wood sheet
Wood sheets from the machine

The next step is to send these wood sheets to cutting, which gives us the wood sheets of required dimensions. Therefore we obtain a combination of good wood and bad wood sheets. The bad wood is sent to a burning plant in Tamilnadu to generate electricity.

Wood cut into required dimensions
Bad wood obtained after cutting

The good wood goes on to become plywood. Here’s the good wood.

Good wood obtained after cutting

Similarly, there’s also another process of cutting the bad wood into a sheet of dimensions. The video below helps describe this better


Once we get the sheets of good wood, these sheets dry under the sun. Usually, this finishes in around 4-5 hours, but it may vary. Here is a picture illustrating drying of good sheets.

Good sheets kept for drying

Only 1 lakh sq. Km of sheets can dry at a time due to space restrictions. With a drying machine, drying wood sheets of 1 lakh + 4 lakh km sq = 5 lakh sq. km is not an issue.

These sheets sell in huge numbers to plywood factories, from where we obtain plywood. Each sheet will have crests and troughs. The reason is that the sheets dry under the sun. With a drying machine, this would never happen, because we get a straight sheet of wood.


This is a plywood made from the sheets supplied by this factory.

Plywood made from the wood sheets of this factory

Likewise, you can see stripes between the plywood on its lateral side. Many dried wood sheets are glued together to create this, apart from the other factory processes.

Lateral side of the plywood


Ever since this factory trip took place, a drying machine was installed here. Also, there are plans on having the plywood machine as well.

Moreover, adding a plywood making machine alongside will give four-fold benefits:

  • Good quality of dried sheets
  • Good quality of plywood
  • Increased employment, due to increasing machinery and scalability requirements
  • Increased production, giving profit to owners


Most importantly, I can’t sign off before thanking those people, because of whom I could have a hands-on tour of the factory. Here’s a pic of the factory owners (Pro tip: The one on the right is @theamritanair‘s uncle)

The factory owners

Until another post, ciao.