Fix VLC Video Always Overlay on Linux

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Fix VLC Video Always Overlay on Linux

Hello there, I am returning after a really long time to write a blog post. This is another blog post on the Solving Technical Series. Whenever you install Ubuntu, the first thing you’d like to do is getting the Videos app work. But that will require you to download some codecs, ie. you would need to setup the app after installing Ubuntu. Now, how about trying VLC player. Download-once, play anything forever.

But this comes with its own disadvantages, specifically on the Skylake CPUs (Intel 6th generation processors) . Although a bad luck of mine, I still would’nt blame my laptop as it carries a Skylake CPU (going with my reviews published here).

Anyway the bug is when you try opening a video, the video will sit as an overlay at top. Like this:

Even if you deselect this option, it will still stay on top.

The Solution

Pretty simple.

  • Select Tools menu → Preferences
  • Go to Video Tab
  • In the output drop down list, select OpenGL GLX video output (XCB). I’ve heard that X11 video output (XCB) also works fine, but the former is what worked for me.
  • Done. Restart VLC and you will no longer get the overlay


Well, here you go.


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