Install NVidia drivers the right way on Linux

Just a couple of months back I had bought a new laptop with Intel Core i5-6200U processor and NVIDIA GeForce 930M GPU. And being a first-timer on Linux, the first thing I tried to do was to install the latest graphic drivers by Intel and Nvidia, because that’s what most noobs do on Windows too.

So, being a Linux noobie at that time, I googled this thing and I ended up here (AskUbuntu being a reputed site, became my first choice among the search results). I did what the solution said, and ended up screwing my distro, it wouldn’t proceed past the login screen. I tried doing what a few other sites were telling, all ending up the same road. I tried using Ubuntu’s own Software Updater app too, ending on the same note again.

Until one day I discovered that I could directly install the Graphics Driver from the Terminal without any hassles (sigh -_-)



These are what I tried ending up on the same road (not going past the Login screen despite the correct credentials)

  • Trying to update via .run files provided by NVIDIA’s official site
  • Trying to update via Ubuntu’s very own Software and Updates app.
  • Having the following two repos and installing the driver via terminal

  • Updating the kernel (unless you install the drivers)



Now it’s a really simple process on Ubuntu 16.04 (Doing this on 15.10 was hell, checked the X Server Log Files and didn’t get anything special to boast about)

Run these steps:

  • As a root user, run this command:



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lspci -vnn | grep VGA

  • The output will show your NVidia model number. Example:

  • The Model used by my system is GeForce 930M. Next, we will find a correct NVIDIA driver within the Ubuntu repos using this info. But before that, navigate here and enter details. Example:

-After a successful search, take a note of the driver number

-Then install the corresponding driver

  • Now you can reboot your system. Then after loading Ubuntu, you can load the X Server Settings app:



So that’s it, folks. This is the safest and a recommended way to install NVIDIA drivers for Linux. And I repeat, do not install the drivers using the .run file.

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