Nokia 7 Plus review: The best Android One Smartphone?


This phone is quite like the Nexus series of phones, providing stock Android experience without spending too much money. 


With this being said, there are a few alternatives in the market. One of them is the Honor View 10. It has almost similar spec sheet barring the flagship processor and the 20 MP monochrome camera. Then there’s the upcoming Galaxy A8 Star, but it will cost you Rs. 35000, and it comes with Samsung’s own UI skin on top. Also, nobody knows how the camera will perform on it.


If there is one real challenger to the phone, it should be the Mi A2. It comes with almost the same spec sheet as this phone. The reason why I say this is a real challenger is that of its price. The Mi A2 is Rs. 9000 cheaper than the Nokia 7 Plus. Mi A2’s base variant retails for Rs. 16999 whereas the Nokia 7 Plus retails for Rs. 25999. Yes, the price gap is huge.

Despite this, the Mi A2 may not be suited for all even at that price range. It misses out on a few key features, people buying a phone at that price point expect. There’s no headphone jack, no MicroSD slot, there’s an average battery size, and if a few reports are to be believed, the display colors also seem washed out. Now the last 3 features may not be a deal breaker at all, but the headphone jack might just be the thorn. The bundled USB-C to 3.5mm jack converter should please the Mi A2 buyers.


My final verdict would be to go for this phone only after the price drops to around Rs. 23000 as the 9000 Rupee price difference between Mi A2 and Nokia 7 Plus is just not reasonable.

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