Just 3 more days to go before the league stage ends. Table toppers SunRisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings have already qualified, and the Delhi Daredevils have been knocked out. This means the remaining 2 slots for the IPL playoff are up for grabs by 5 teams. What would each team need to do to qualify for the playoffs?

NB. Scenarios updated as of 17 May, RCB vs SRH game. For each of the teams below (except KKR), a loss would mean direct elimination


7 Wins, 6 Losses, 3rd position

They have the easiest route to qualification for playoffs. Win the next match against SRH, and they qualify. Lose the next match and pray for other results to go your way. Here are scenarios if they win/lose against SRH next game.

  • KKR WIN: Qualified, 3rd position
  • EITHER RCB OR MI LOSE, KKR LOSE: Qualified, 4th position
  • MI WIN, RR WIN SMALL, KKR LOSE: Qualified, 4th position
  • KKR LOSE, MI WIN, RR WIN BIG: Eliminated


6 Wins, 7 Losses, 4th position

After having lost out a few close games to the last over, MI have made a comeback of sorts, just like they have done it in the past too.

  • MI WIN, KKR WIN, AND RCB WIN BY A HUGE MARGIN AGAINST RR: Eliminated, as RCB will have a better NRR than MI, despite both finishing on 14 points.
  • KKR LOSE, MI WIN AND RCB WIN: Qualified, but the position cannot be determined because it will also depend on the RRvRCB game. They’ll either be at 3rd or 4th position
  • MI WIN, KKR WIN: Qualified, but they’ll be at 4th position
  • MI LOSE: Eliminated


6 wins, 7 losses, 5th position

Just like the last season, the fans of the franchise, were all set for yet another disappointing season, until they won their last 3 games. RCB now stand a good chance of qualifying for the playoffs. The only threats that can stop them from qualifying are MI and KKR.

NB: If RCB win, KXIP would be automatically knocked out, as KXIP can’t go above RCB on NRR basis. This can be prevented if KXIP have a spectacular comeback in their last game.

  • RCB WIN BY A SMALL MARGIN, MI WIN, KKR WIN: Eliminated, as MI will have a better NRR than RCB.
  • MI WIN SMALL, RCB WIN HUGE, KKR WIN: Qualified, because they will have a better NRR than MI, but they’ll be at 4th position
  • RCB WIN, MI LOSE, KKR WIN: Qualified, 4th position
  • MI WIN, RCB WIN SMALL, KKR LOSE: Qualified, 4th position
  • RCB WIN BIG, MI WIN, KKR LOSE: Qualified, likely 3rd position, but this will also depend on MI’s performance in their last game
  • RCB LOSE: Eliminated


6 wins, 7 losses, 6th position

This team had a pretty bad start to their tournament. Their losing streak was arrested after the game when Jos Buttler opened in a rain affected encounter against DD. RR lost that game too, but went on to win continuously. Given their current NRR (-0.399), they will need a lot to go to the playoffs.

  • RR WIN, MI WIN, KKR WIN: Eliminated, because they won’t go above MI
  • MI WIN, RR WIN, KKR LOSE: Eliminated, as there may not be any chance to go above KKR on the NRR basis
  • RR WIN, MI LOSE, KKR LOSE, KXIP LOSE/WIN SMALL: Qualified, 4th position
  • RR LOSE: Eliminated


6 wins, 7 losses, 6th position

This team was all set to repeat its 2014 heroics by winning 5 matches out of the first 6, and being in the top 2. Then came a week’s gap for them. This turned out to be a game changer for them, as they are now languishing in the bottom half of the table by winning only 1 of their next 7. Given their current NRR (-0.490), they will need a lot of things to go in their favor to qualify.

  • KXIP LOSE: Eliminated
  • KXIP WIN BIG, RCB AND MI LOSE BIG, KKR LOSE BIG: Qualified, 4th position. This result seems unlikely because the other teams confidence level is quite high at the moment, so such a result should be unlikely.
  • RR WIN SMALL, KXIP WIN BIG: Qualified, 4th position. To get to such a result, KXIP would be hoping for a miracle to happen
  • KXIP WIN SMALL: Eliminated, because other results cannot affect this in any way


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